Allegations in Baltimore PD Corruption Trial More Common than Public May Think

The recent news coming from a Baltimore Police corruption trial has unearthed appalling accusations that Baltimore Officers were fabricating search warrant affidavits to illegally search homes, possessed BB guns with the intent to plant them in case of unlawful police shootings, profiled various types of peoples and vehicles, and illegally tracked citizens with GPS devices, amongst other misconduct, corruption, and civil rights violations. An article regarding the allegations from one of the Baltimore Police Department’s own officers can be found here.

Unfortunately, police misconduct is much more common than the general public believes. While such conduct is usually less egregious than the conduct of the Baltimore Police case, and the majority of peace officers do not violate the law or the civil rights of community members, excessive force, illegal search tactics, false promises to obtain false accusations or confessions, and distortion regarding witness statements to fabricate probable cause to arrest are regular tactics employed by rogue police officers operating in Solano, Napa, and Yolo Counties.

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