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Court of Appeal Publishes Citable Opinion Upholding Court’s Dismissal of Gun Case Represented by Honeychurch & Boyd

https://www.courts.ca.gov/opinions/documents/A162591.PDF Court of Appeals Confirms Constitutional Violation by Vacaville Police On April 13, 2022, the California Court of Appeals certified for publication a decision “affirming” – or agreeing with – an order made in Solano County to suppress evidence related to a firearm found after a Honeychurch & Boyd client was pat-searched illegally by Vacaville…

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Early Termination of Probation for Good Cause after Completion of all Probation Terms

What is Probation? Probation is an agreement by the defendant in a criminal case after either being convicted after trial, or entering a No Contest/Guilty Plea, to abide by certain terms imposed by the Court, to avoid a sentence of County Jail (misdemeanors and certain felonies), or Prison (all other felonies). Terms of probation can…

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Diversion for Individuals with Cognitive and Developmental Disabilities under Penal Code sections 1001.20 through 1001.34

Diversion for Defendants with Cognitive or Developmental Disabilities As of 2018, California has allowed people charged with certain crimes that occurred because they suffer from specific mental health disorders participate in a “diversion” program, whereby, if they participate in therapy and medical treatment to address the mental health issue, their case can be dismissed and…

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