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New Addition to Penal Code Requires Release, Bail, or Judicial Explanation to Detain for Those Accused of Probation Violations

       A Shift Away from No-Bail for those Accused of Violating Felony Probation When someone is placed on Probation, they avoid going to prison or a commitment to County Jail by agreeing to participate in a Court-ordered program that includes terms and expectations that is a part of their grant of Probation. If you violate…

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Vallejo Police Officer Disciplined for Use of Force: A Demonstration of How Excessive Force Can be Used as a Defense in Resisting Arrest Cases

https://www.vallejosun.com/officer-who-shot-willie-mccoy-disciplined-for-stepping-on-mans-head-new-records-show/ Excessive Force in the Local News In another news article regarding Vallejo Police, an officer has been disciplined for attempting to control a detainee by using his boot to step on the man’s head when he was “squirming”, after he had already deployed his baton to subdue the individual. The officer was disciplined by…

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New Supreme Court Justice Nominee Who Served as Criminal Defense Attorney Will Have Power to Impact Criminal Defense Issues of Search & Seizure Law, Firearms Rights, and Much More

  http://https://www.biography.com/law-figure/ketanji-brown-jackson As President Biden has chosen his new US Supreme Court pick to replace Justice Breyer – DC Court of Appeals Judge Ketanji Brown-Jackson – she portends to have an impact on a number of issues related to criminal law and thus criminal defense. As the US Supreme Court is the highest Court in…

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